Spooky House Girls Night

Chapter 1: Prequel
The Sun Goes Down With a Ruby Smile


For various reasons 4 adventurers have found work aboard the Sea Rock, a spice trading vessel that is caught in a storm near a chain of islands off The Sword Coast. After a full day of surviving the storms’ onslaught, they dock at a port of a mysterious island.

After some exploration the party discovers that this island housed a ruby mine, masquerading as a lumber mill to keep away competition. Their encounters included the discovery of several corpses, one of which belonged to a very frisky dwarf teenager and a half orc boy who the party had to learn to communicate with.

The boy, Ruby, told the players that his father had been murdered by his grandfather.. In turn his uncle, driven mad by his brother’s death, murdered the entire mining operation.

The party confronted Uncle Maovor, who’s greed and madness trapped him in the ruby mine. He attacked them immediately and nearly killed the ranger… However the party eventually prevailed.

In the end, they abandoned the captain of their ship on the island and sailed off towards the mainland, with Ruby the orc boy in tow.



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